Cup Spa™ Menstrual Cup Steamer Sterilizer CupSpa
Cup Spa™ Menstrual Cup Steamer Sterilizer CupSpa
Cup Spa™ Menstrual Cup Steamer Sterilizer CupSpa EU PLUG
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Cup Spa™ Menstrual Cup Steamer Sterilizer

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 Have you noticed something is missing from your menstrual cup/disc care routine? Why are we using pasta pots and microwaves to care for menstrual products anyways?

Cup Spa uses steam to clean and sterilize. Since steam is hotter than boiling water, it's actually a more efficient way to sterilize your cup!  Use it after your menstrual cycle, or as often as you want to treat your cup to a deep clean. 

Just a few minutes in the Cup Spa™ will kill 99.9% of bacteria on your cup! 

The Cup Spa electric steamer sterilizer is BPA free and is much safer for your cup than the kitchen stove or microwave. Its steam chamber fits all cup and disc sizes and can even be used to sterilize other small items like make-up sponges, tweezers, jewelry, crystals and small sex toys.  Cup Spa makes it easy to practice good hygiene for items that get up close and personal to your body.

Finally an innovative device designed to help you properly care for your menstrual cup!

Cup Spa is a high quality machine and is backed by a one year warranty.  If your Cup Spa malfunctions, just send it back for an immediate replacement.  Not happy with your Cup Spa? Return it within 60 days of date of delivery for a full refund!  

Why Cup Spa™?
  • High temperature steam sterilization 
  • Effectively kills 99.9% bacteria and germs 
  • Helps keep your cup free of stains and odors 
  • Compatible with all types and sizes of menstrual cups and discs on the market
  • Stylish and beautiful design, perfect for home use and travel
  • Uses less energy than boiling a pot of water on the stove
  • Automatic shut off means you can start it and walk away
  • Use before/after your period or anytime you want peace of mind
  • Maintain your body's perfect PH balance since no soap is required

Orders are expected to arrive between 16 - 30 days from the date they were placed.  Additional shipping delays due to COVID-19 precautions are possible. Thank you for your patience. 

Voltage: 110-240V,50Hz,99W -- Size: 9x18 cm / 4x7 in -- Menstrual cup not included

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Nicole Mills

I use this for my menstrual cup and it works well! Super easy to use. So much easier than boiling it in a pot in the kitchen.

Jenai Carter
Useful for Maintaining my Flex Cup

I got the CupSpa last year after finally making the decision to get a Flex Cup (I was scared to do so for a long time). I was very new to using a cup so when I read that part of maintaining one involved boiling the cup for 10 minutes in a pot I was a little concerned about how that would work out. Ideally I would need to use a pot that no one would use for cooking.
I discovered CupSpa through an ad on Instagram and thought it could be a great alternative to using a pot. After reading the reviews and watching videos on how to use it I felt confident buying one. I remember it took some time to arrive (due to COVID, but that's to be expected); I was just excited for it to arrive and hopefully get delivered before my next period so I could try out the CupSpa and Flex Cup for the first time.

It finally arrived and a few days later I got my period. I read the instructions carefully and was able to use it without any issues. I fill the cup with distilled water as suggested and pour the water in before I plug it. The red light automatically comes on for me; it usually only takes 2 minutes, which is great compared to 10 minutes and making sure the cup doesn't melt if touching the sides of the pot.

Since the CupSpa is so easy to use it makes it that much easier to keep my Flex Cup in good condition. I've read that some women can go months or even years without having to boil their cup again and not needing to replace it - good on them - but for other people who prefer to take care of their cup as described this is a great solution.

The only part I was unsure of was how to clean the CupSpa after using it. I usually let the cup air dry for a bit, then wipe down the remaining water droplets, and dump out any remaining water sitting in the base; that seems to do the trick for now.

Works beautifully! Though did arrive very late

I've used this a few times by now and I'm super happy so far! Does the job really well and is simple to use! Very happy I got it :)

The shipping time was very long unfortunately, and it took over 45 days for it to arrive after it had been sent.. So be prepared to be patient! But totally worth it imo :)

mariam albishah
Not worth it

Doesn’t steam very well

Aloha Mariam,
Would you mind emailing me with more information? How do you know it doesn't steam very well? It either produces steam or it does not. If you can tell me the specific of what is wrong then maybe I can help you.
Thank you for purchasing a Cup Spa!

Stephanie Godin

Nice clean lines and easy to store. Very quick and super useful. Glad I ordered this! So much better then using a pot.

Thank you so much Stephanie!!