Our Story

We all have different reasons for using menstrual cups over pads and tampons.

I decided to try using the cup because my tampons started to feel like they were rubbing my insides raw. Ouch! I also wanted to reduce waste and lower my impact on the planet.

One unexpected benefit of the cup for me is that I actually like having a closer relationship with my menstrual blood. I find it to be very beautiful and I'm happy to witness it exist freely without being absorbed into a tampon or pad. Something that used to appear gross to me, began to appear interesting and beautiful.

I know women who use their menstrual blood to fertilize their plants and I think that's super rad.

When I first thought of starting Cup Spa, I couldn't believe I'd been boiling my menstrual cups on the stove in my kitchen for 5 years. They say necessity is the mother of invention and I'm happy to introduce something useful (and cute!) to the world.

The idea for Cup Spa was born on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu. With our warm and humid climate, it's extra important to keep our intimate items sterilized and clean between uses. Being that we live on an island, my friends and I are always thinking about ways we can consume less and live a more intentional and sustainable lifestyle.

Menstrual cups are the wave of the future and I'm happy Cup Spa is here to help them receive more specialized care.


Cup Spa Owner