How to Use a Cup Spa Steamer

Cup Spa Directions: 

  1. Rinse your menstrual cup first with cold water (warm water first can cause staining).  Then clean it thoroughly using warm water.  Soap is optional and if used should be mild.  Many people report ph imbalances from using soap on their cups.  Just make sure all of the blood is removed from the cup before steaming. 

  2. Using the measurement lines on the lid of the Cup Spa, pour 5-10 ml of water (preferably purified or distilled to maintain the life of your cup and Cup Spa) into the middle round hole of the Cup Spa base. 

  3. Place your menstrual cup on top of the water and put the Cup Spa lid on.

  4. *Plug in the Cup Spa.  If the red light turns on, it is operating.  If the light does not turn on just from plugging it in, press the button.

  5. The Cup Spa will heat and mimic a small auto-clave by allowing pressure to build up inside, which superheats the steam to 120˚C or 250˚F.  Cup Spa will automatically turn off after 2-3 minutes.  

  6. Wait for the Cup Spa to cool. Do not remove until the lid is no longer HOT because your cup is still steaming. Your menstrual cup is ready to be used again or stored.  If you plan to store your cup for later use, let your cup and Cup Spa sit to air dry or dry with a cloth before putting them away.   For more information on menstrual cup care, click here. 

*Sometimes you can just plug in your Cup Spa and the light will turn on and it will begin heating, sometimes the light doesn’t turn on and you have to push the button. We get a lot of mail from customers who think the button is broken.  It's not broken, it's just special!  

We can’t wait to hear how much you love your Cup Spa! Don’t forget you can use it to steam other items like tweezers, make-up sponges, jewelry and crystals!