How to

  • How to Use a Cup Spa Steamer

    Cup Spa Directions: 

    1. Rinse your menstrual cup first with cold water (warm water first can cause staining).  Then clean it thoroughly using warm water.  Soap is optional and if used should be mild.  Many people report ph imbalances from using soap on their cups.  Just make sure all of the blood is removed from the cup before steamin

  • How to Care for Your Menstrual Cup

    Menstrual cups aren't cheap and they do a very important job for us. Let's take excellent care of them shall we? Properly caring your menstrual cup is essential to keeping your body healthy and happy throughout the cup’s lifetime.  Cup care is self care! 

  • Will the Cup Spa cook an egg?

    I just had to share this fun story... Someone commented on one of our Instagram posts that they would love to know if the Cup Spa could cook an egg.