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Super Easy, Efficient, Totally Worth it!

This little gadget uses very Little water (literally droplets) compared to my big pots of water on the stove. And it's done within 3 minutes! I love this because it saves water, time and keeps my bathroom items out of my kitchen!

I highly suggest this for anyone who uses a cup!

S. Daigle, Hawaii

Helps me sterilize more often

I read an article that said you should own two cups and boil them after each "dump"... boiling takes too long and so I'm really glad I found this device. I have it on my bathroom countertop during my period and every time I dump my cup, I rinse it and steam it and since I have two I always have one that is sterilized and waiting. After my period I just put my two cups inside the steamer and stow everything away until next month. It's got a hole on the top, so it's not airtight which makes it a perfect little container.

E. Ocasio, Perugia, Italy

Bloody Brilliant!!

So easy and simple to use. No more boiling pans in water....just 3 minutes and a small amount of water.

S. Russell, Stourbridge, United Kingdom

1% of our sales are donated to Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii. This amazing organization has removed half a million pounds of debris from Hawaii's coastlines, united 30,000 volunteers, educated 25,000 students, engaged decision makers and social influencers, and reached millions of households globally with their message of conservation and plastic reduction. 

How to care for your menstrual cup


Okay nobody's judging you, but are you really cleaning your menstrual cup in the kitchen with your kitchen appliances? Not any more! With Cup Spa you finally have a device that is dedicated to caring for your menstrual cup.  Yay!

How to care for your period cup with cup spa

Taking the guess work out of cup care! Finally!

Simply steam your cup for a few minutes after use and be rest assured that 99.9% of harmful bacteria are removed from your cup.  It's convenience and peace of mind all rolled into one little cute contraption!